The Shape Toolbox is your ticket to creating. It is located to the left of the canvas, and shape libraries will populate according to the document template you choose. You can locate specific shapes by using the search icon at the top.

To manage your Shape Toolbox, select “Shapes” at the top of the Toolbox. Doing so opens the Shape Manager.

  • Click on a shape group to see included shapes.
  • View more libraries in your Toolbox by pinning the desired groups or dragging them into the Toolbox. The libraries you add will automatically go to the bottom of the Toolbox.
  • Easily find libraries by checking out the "Popular Libraries" section.
  • Create custom shape libraries.
  • Import shapes from Visio Stencil or SVG into custom groups.
  • Import images into a custom group.
  • Find specific shapes using the search tool.
  • Drag and drop shapes to “My Saved Shapes” to build a custom library of all your favorites.
  • Containers are different from shapes. When you select an object from the Containers library, you can drag and drop shapes into that container. If you click the Magnetize icon while the container is selected, content in the container will remain inside and move with the container. You can turn off the magnet to turn a container into a regular shape. Containers can’t be rotated.